Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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Opera Resources

As plentiful as opera is, sometimes, if you are not in a big city, opera can be hard to find.

So how do you ease your opera cravings or learn more about opera history, singers and more?

Live Opera 

You may or may not have a professional opera company in your area. If you do, this is great! If not have a look around for smaller opera groups or music schools and you can often make wonderful discoveries!

Opera at the Movie Theater

Met Opera Live in HD - 10-12 live broadcasts to movie theaters each season. It’s the next best thing to being there in person. If you can’t make it, encores are broadcast during the following week.

Royal Opera in Cinemas - These are broadcast as live in the US at select theaters about a month after the live performance.

Opera on the Radio/Audio Streams

Most of us grew up listening to the worldwide radio network of the Metropolitan Opera’s Saturday Broadcasts. In addition to those, the Met now has a channel on Sirius XM featuring live and archival broadcasts 24/7. If your budget doesn’t stretch to subscribing to Sirius/XM, they also offer live audio streams for free on the Metropolitan Opera Website 3-5 times per month during the season. Met Opera Live Audio Streams

Outside the Met season, most NPR classical stations in the US offer Saturday opera broadcasts from a selection of opera companies in the same time slot.

Nearly every radio station in the world is at your fingertips through the internet. So, if you love to follow a certain opera company, keep an eye on their social media or get on their email list to learn about upcoming radio broadcasts. Then tune in to that station and click “listen live” on the day.

Opera on Television

Most PBS television stations carry the Great Performances series of operas. These are what was Live in HD from the Met a few months earlier. Scan the schedules as some opera avoidant stations will put these on at odd hours of the night/early morning.

Opera at the Library

There may be treasures to be found at your local library in the way of Opera CDs and DVDs

Opera Podcasts

Just type opera in the search bar and a world of options opens up. These are a great way to engage in opera learning of all kinds!

Opera on the Internet

People often will tell me how they can’t afford to go to the opera or there is no opera near them, no movie theater opera, nothing live, etc., etc., etc. But this is no excuse! Opera is right there on YouTube and many other sources

Opera Vision - Performances recorded live from all over the world, Classics, new operas, little performed operas and such a range of traditional to modern stagings! Don’t miss this fantastic resource!

YouTube - Enjoy full operas or look up and aria and see 25 different singers perform it or enjoy the work of a single artist... It’s amazing

Opera on Video - a resource that organizes and assists you in searching for subjects, singers, operas that are all over the internet- check it out!

Opera Information and Education

Opera Base - Enter the name of an opera or artist and see where you can find performances by date or location. In addition you can look up statistics and other information.

Opera Guide - Reference material by opera including many full librettos. You can also almost always find an online libretto by doing a google search, especially if it is an older work outside of modern day copyright laws. 

SO don’t let anything get in your way, opera is there for you to enjoy!

Jump on in!