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Turandot! Turandot! Turandot!

I’ve compiled interesting information, audio and video clips for you to explore Turandot in this downloadable cheat sheet. Enjoy!

Click to Download

About 15 years ago I set out to learn more about opera. I was intrigued by this world of music, drama, myth, history and spectacle.

But, I still didn’t quite understand the real passion which people had for this art form.

I just “didn’t get it”.

I’d seen several operas Live in HD before Puccini’s Turandot. I wasn’t expecting too much from this nonsensical tale, except for the show stopper Nessun Dorma, which “everyone knows” is only to be sung by Pavarotti anyway.

Amazingly, the music grabbed me immediately - I was ripped out of reality into that fantasy world.

Puccini’s majestic score built and folded upon itself, the melodies layering and building to an unbelievable explosion. By the end I was weeping purely from the beauty of the music, regardless of the crazy story with the game show middle and so-called happy ending. I thought "This is what music was meant to be!"

The opera connected to me in a new and deeper way. I finally “GOT IT”.

You probably have your own special opera moment – it’s different for everyone!

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