Earring Club

Announcement: Earring Club is Open through September 22 and will not reopen this season!

Due to my Dad being in hospital, I did not get the chance to do all the promotion for Earring Club that I had planned. Therefore, I'm re-opening the club for a short period to celebrate the start of Opera Season.

Unless you are in a large city, you may (like me) rely on having great opera performances streamed live to your local cinema to provide the thrill and emotion of live opera and give you a wide range of exciting and interesting opera experiences!

Although we may not be there in person, there is something magical about sharing a live opera performance together simultaneously with people literally from all over the globe.

To celebrate these amazing opera memories at the cinema, I thought it would be fun and meaningful to create something special and different from my current collections; an offering to demonstrate our love of opera at the cinema throughout the season and beyond. 

Click the Earring Club photo to get all the details and to join! 

Email cindy@operabracelets.com with any questions