In Gotterdammerung, the fourth and final opera of Wagner's Ring Cycle, the cursed Ring continues to take a toll on all who touch it. To purge the destructive curse, Brunnhilde lights a pyre that will purify heaven and earth in flames in hope that a new and better world might rise from the ashes.

Click the photos below to see the bracelets in the Gotterdammerung collection.

  • The Gotterdammerung Opera Bracelet tells the opera’s story using symbolic beads and charms
  • The Ring's Redemption "Inspired by..." bracelet evokes the cycle's final moments of fire, destruction and rebirth.
  • The Ring Gift Set includes all 4 Opera Bracelets of the Ring Cycle at a 25% discount over purchasing them separately.
  • The Full Circle Earrings evoke aspects of the cycle.
  • The Ring Cycle Necklace evokes Wagner's Ring Cycle