The Gotterdammerung Opera Bracelet

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As the curse from Rheingold rolls on, a path of destruction follows our heroes and the gods. The Norns of destiny loose their control. Wotan has given up and waits for his end. Evil forces are moving against Siegfried. Warnings to everyone aren’t heeded and if only they would let go of that Ring… but then as they say… we’d have no story!

Each bead and charm of the Gotterdammerung Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Wagner's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left.  Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. See the story chart below click the upper right corner for a larger view.

  • Knot beads represent the three Norns or Fates. A black bead and smaller gold rings signify the curse that follows the ring from person to person.
  • A garnet colored bead with a web of detail indicates the net of destruction of the Gibichung plot; a swirly heart is the drink of forgetfulness and a crystal blood droplet is the death of Siegfried.
  • Emerald crystals symbolize the watery daughters of the Rhine who at long last receive back their treasure.
  • Fiery crystals denote the funeral pyre and final conflagration.
  • A golden heart crystal bead represents loves redemption and the theme of hope for the future world to be born.

Charms on the bracelet are:

  • A pine cone indicating the fir tree the Norns tie their cord to;
  • Sacred horse Grane;
  • Valhalla (castle);
  • Rhinemaiden (mermaid)
  • The Ring



Gotterdammerung bracelet

Written by Jeanne cox on 05 08 2019

I recently received the fourth bracelet of Wagner’s ring series - gotterdammerung. It is absolutely gorgeous ! The coloring with the beautiful blue stones of the Rhine is just lovely . Cindy‘s creations have never disappointed . Can’t wait to attend the performance at lyric opera this coming season with all of my finery winding up my wrist !

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