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Overture is a special bracelet co-designed by Met Orchestra violinist Yoon Kwon Costello and myself for her unique music, fashion and beauty brand BYoonique. Yoon wanted to celebrate her colleagues the musicians of the Metropolitan Opera OrchestraLearn more about Yoon on her website!

Black glass beads and crystals with white glass pearls evoke the orchestra in full dress while rhinestones and crystals evoke the glamour of opera, sparkle of music and the Met's crystal chandeliers. Music stand, music staff and violin charms complete the Overture by BYoonique bracelet!

***NOTE: You may replace the violin charm with a different instrument- scroll through the photo of available charms and the drop down list below.  

Click to learn more about the story of the Overture by BYoonique Bracelet on my Blog! 

Overture bracelet

Written by Susan on 05 16 2020

I love, love ,love my bracelet! It is so me!


Written by Leslie Painter on 05 08 2020

I have bought three amazing Overture bracelets, all with different charms to represent members of my family. Not only does this bracelet represent The Met, but also music lovers of all kinds. With two music teachers, choir and band, in the family, I had to have these! All were an instant hit when given, and loved from the moment they were seen! I just love all these bracelets so much, It's hard to decide which to wear! Another beautiful item made with inspiration and pride!

Glittering Symphony

Written by Irene on 02 12 2018

I have now purchased a second Overture bracelet; one for me and one as a present. They are beautifully created that you customize with the instrument (violin for me) of your choice. i enjoy how easy it is to put on your wrist as well as removal. It is very light weight and I have even worn it while playing a concert. The colors work beautifully with the formal concert apparel and it looks very elegant.

Lovely Musical Reminder

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 12 2017

This was my first Bracelet purchase and I was attracted by the charms - Music Stand, Music Notes and Violin, all reminders of my regular choir practice! In particular, the music notes, they will go with earrings I have in the shape of music notes.

Lovely music bracelet

Written by Patricia Koerner on 02 27 2017

This bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle. I got it with the piano charm because I played keyboards when I was younger. I wear it whenever I attend the opera, symphony, etc. It goes with anything.

Violin Opera Bracelet

Written by Steve Merson on 12 07 2016

As a violinist myself, this was the perfect gift for my wife. The bracelet is beautiful and sparkles on her wrist. It has been well crafted and is truly a delight to wear.

Best music bracelet ever!

Written by undefined on 02 11 2016

Bought this for my violinist daughter. It is really beautiful, and captures the colors of the orchestra players.

Stunning bracelet

Written by Leslie Murphy on 09 21 2015

I love every thing about this bracelet,it is both beautiful and elegant.you can wear it with Your jeans or give a little bling to a date night Look.My mother and I share the same birthday I had ordered one for myself and enjoyed it So much I got one for her too for her b-day.My sis tears wedding is coming up this will be a great fift to make her just stunning.

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