The Samson and Delilah Opera Bracelet

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Made to order archived design 2-3 weeks for delivery! Beads and charms can become unavailable over time. All effort will be made to come as close as possible to the photographed design. Coupons do not apply.

The Samson and Delilah Opera Bracelet tells the story of the Saint-Saens opera through beads and charms.

Each bead and charm of the Samson and Delilah Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from the opera. Learn more about the bead and charm symbolism on the spiral chart photo and in the text below. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet.

  • Deep blue beads symbolize the Hebrews; a golden crystal is Samson their leader. I chose a large white cat’s eye bead to symbolize God. A chai charm represents Samson rallying the Hebrews and encouraging their faith.
  • An angel wing charm indicates Samson’s angelic vision of victory.
  • An aqua bead represents the Philistine governor Abimelech, a ruby glass droplet and dagger charm symbolizes his death.
  • A metallic gold bead is the Philistine god Dagon; a gold glass pearl is the high priest.
  • Flower beads symbolize the flower garlands with which the priestesses of Dagon greet the Hebrews.
  • I chose a deep red bead to indicate Delilah; a heart charm is the love by which she hopes to entrap Samson.
  • A grey cat’s eye represents the old man who attempts to warn Samson of danger. A black double cone is the danger/doom awaiting Samson.
  • Swirling aqua and white beads are the dancing philistines. A ruby glass bead with a floating flower indicates the seductive aria “Printemps qui commence”.
  • Red hearts symbolize the passion between Delilah and Samson; clear droplets are her tears which Samson cannot resist. A metal bead indicates Samson being pulled in two directions between duty and “love”.
  • Satiny golden beads represent Samson’s hair- the secret that Delilah is so desperate to learn. Grey crackle beads symbolize the thunder and lightning, warning Samson of his doom and the storm that breaks as the soldiers attack him. (Lightning bolt charm)
  • A large red bead with a gold embossed flower symbolizes the aria "Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix…", “My heart opens to your voice like the flowers open to the kisses of the dawn!”
  • Small black cat’s eye beads represent the blinding of Samson; a black disc bead is the mill wheel he is forced to work. The Hebrews berate him for allowing a woman’s seduction to be his downfall (dark heart bead).
  • The Philistines celebrate victory (swirl bead) until dawn (sunrise bead). Delilah taunts Samson with wine (wine goblet charm).
  • Samson asks his boy guide – small honey bead- to let him rest against the pillars of the temple. He prays for strength (God Bead/ white cat’s eye) and pushes the pillars apart (honey double cone bead).
  • The temple crumbles- glass chip beads.


Samson and Delilah Bracelet

Written by Carolyn Law on 09 24 2018

Thank you, Opera Bracelets! I am very happy with my Samson and Delilah bracelet. I love the story depiction of my favorite opera and will enjoy wearing it to the Met this season.

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