Wagner's Ring

One of the most anticipated events in the opera world is a Wagner Ring Cycle, more properly known as The Ring of the Nibelung. These four operas tell a connected story over the course of 5-9 days (or in some cases even over the course of 4 years). Fans travel from all over the world to experience it! There are “Full Story” bracelets for each of the four Ring Cycle operas; these tell the stories though symbolic beads and charms. In addition, there are eight different "Inspired By..." series bracelets celebrating special Ring moments. Click bracelets below to begin browsing the Ring Collection.

"Hi Cindy! My order arrived yesterday and I’m so thrilled. Every bracelet is beautiful. The beads and charms are amazingly well suited to each of the moments that the bracelets are connected to in the Ring Cycle.  What a great way for me to remember those keys and to bring me back to the story. Thank you thank you. And thanks to Wagner for thinking this through! Best wishes! Karen"