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The Valkyrie / Die Walkure commemorates a tale of passion and longing. An abducted girl is rescued -by her long lost twin. It isn’t long before the Gods turn against them. Refusing the glory of Valhalla to stay with Sieglinde, Siegmund teaches a warrior goddess the nature of human love. By defending Siegmund and saving Sieglinde, Brunnhilde simultaneously rebels against her father and protects the unborn Siegfried. The threads of destiny and power begin to unravel for the formerly omnipotent gods of the north.

Each bead and charm of the Die Walkure Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from the Wagner's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. See the story chart below - click the upper right corner for a larger view

Hunding is a metallic bi-cone bead symbolizing his role as a warrior. It’s thrusting shape separates Siegmund and Sieglinde, twins violently parted in childhood. Crackled gold colored beads represent the ill-fated twins, for although of holy blood they are not yet free (Siegfried their child strengthened by the combined blood of his parents will be represented by a clear gold bead-see the Siegfried Opera Bracelet).

  • A silver crystal indicates the blade of the sword Notung which the god Wotan has provided for his son. It is thrust into the trunk of an ash tree (leaf charm) and can only be removed by the one for whom it is destined.
  • A heart bead is the love beginning to blossom between Siegmund and Sieglinde.
  • An opalescent bead framed by deep blue crystals represents the moon breaking through the clouds of the opening winter storm of the opera; itself a symbol of spring finally arriving. No matter what the production is like (and they do get strange), this image of the moon always accompanies the lovely Wintersturme aria.
  • The argument about marriage between the gods Wotan and his wife Fricka, which begins Act 2, is indicated by a silver bead dividing the Fricka bead (green faceted glass) from the blue cat's eye bead represents Wotan on all four Ring Bracelets. I chose cat’s eye to indicate vision/inner wisdom. Wotan has sacrificed an eye to gain knowledge. The white cat's eye heart is the resolution between them which clouds his heart as he must not aid his son Siegmund in the upcoming battle with Hunding.
  • The warrior maiden Valkyries are symbolized by aurora borealis beads.  As in Bulfinch’s Mythology, their shields are said to create the flash of the Northern lights.
  • A wing charm represents the Valkyries' power of flight and a helmet charm is their armor.
  • A tiny gold bead indicates the unborn Siegfried, who gives Sieglinde the will to live after Siegmund’s death.
  • A gold crystal heart is Sieglinde’s blessing to Brunnhilde who has sacrificed everything she knows to save the young mother.
  • When Wotan arrives, he is furious (large black disc) at Brunnhilde’s disobedience, but his love for her (large blue heart bead) makes him relent.
  • An ornate bead is Wotan's  forgiveness and “adjusted” punishment for Brunnhilde.
  • Red and orange beads indicate the magic fire that will surround the sleeping Brunnhilde while she awaits the worlds bravest hero to wake her as his wife.
  • A red oval bead is the fire god Loge 
  • The Ring charm appears with the small black curse bead to indicate the curse has reached Wotan by robbing him of his beloved daughter (you actually hear this in the music during the end of Act 3).

Love, Love, Love it.....

Written by Jeanne Cox on 01 19 2016

This is my third opera bracelet, and the second of Wagner's Ring Series. I simply love it. The stone selection for the Valkyries is so gorgeous , and the horned helmet says it all! The bracelet is a perfect story teller. for this opera..... Great creativity, once again, Cindy. I can't wait to add the final two Ring bracelets to my collection. jeanne Cox

It's lovely!

Written by undefined on 12 06 2012

I got the Die Walkure bracelet for my vocal performance major daughter with a big German voice. It is lovely. I am glad I found this site because its not easy finding cool gifts for opera singers.

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