null Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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What now? Where to watch opera online!

Many of us do not have easy access to live opera, or it is very limited. Online opera streaming helps us to expand our opera experiences!

I hope you will join me in taking advantage of all that is available to increase your love and knowledge of the art form we all love through these resources: 

  • Opera on Video provides hours of opera to us for free. You can enjoy full operas, search by aria to see different performers interpret a piece or search by artist to become a new super fan of someone you may have never heard of. In addition they have documentaries, concerts and interviews! This site is fun fun fun to explore. Educational and entertaining.
  • OperaVisionAgain- it’s Free – A ton of contemporary and classic opera to explore on this site! Discover an old favorite or something rare or modern you haven’t seen before.
  • YouTube -You name it, you’ll find it on YouTube be it full operas or shorter clips. You’ll even see old broadcasts from television. For a break from singing look up your favorite opera or singer with the search term “documentary” or “interview” to find a whole other category of offerings!
  • Royal Opera House- Full operas and Ballets weekly as well as interviews and concerts (small fee)
  • OperaStreaming offers a seasonal program of video broadcasts, freely available on YouTube, from the Opera Theatres of Emilia-Romagna (Bologna, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrara Ravenna and Rimini)
  • San Francisco Opera - Free weekend streams many months of the year!
  • Bayreuth Festival - Streams of the Wagner Festival in July and August! (most free)