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Cindy Battisti
Opera Bracelets
106 Laney Road
Rochester, NY 14620

at-work-a.jpgLots of people list their impressive credentials on their websites, but it’s no secret that I don’t have a heavy hitting degree from a prestigious music school. However, I do have a love of opera and an art degree! Combining these has helped me create a unique medium to share my enthusiasm for opera’s stories with opera aficionados, like you.

I’m Cindy, and I help passionate, fun loving opera fans stay connected with their favorite works through meaningful handmade jewelry that I design and create - Opera Bracelets! 

My “Full Story” Opera Bracelets tell the tale of an opera from beginning to end and wearing one helps you to remember your special opera moments. In addition, my “Inspired By…” bracelets help celebrate particular moments and characters of opera with a bracelet all their own.

I’ve learned so much about opera and storytelling as my business has grown, but I still consider myself an “opera learner”. I really enjoy sharing my journey of discovery with the many new opera friends I have met through social media and the opera world! I’m especially proud of the group of over 10,000 Opera Bracelets Facebook followers with whom I share opera news, thoughts, videos, new product designs and so much more. To join me on Facebook, please click here.

"I have recently started a collection of Opera Bracelets and each one is amazing! They are very well thought out and succeed in telling the stories. Cindy is a very creative artist and I am very happy with the bracelets!"Mary

When I’m not designing new products or stringing gorgeous beads to tell operas’ stories, I can be found: garden.png

  • Puttering in my cottage pathway garden – kind of a winding gravel path bordered by a bunch of aggressive weedy flowers and some day-lilies which at least behave themselves.
  • Baking muffins (I’m under a delusion that using whole wheat flour makes them good for you, even if they are double chocolate muffins).
  • Giving plenty of attention to my demanding feline office assistants: Placido and Zubin.

If you’re just dying to know more, here’s 5 things you don’t know about me:

  1. My husband Andrew and I met back in 1985 at our local Doctor Who Fan Club of America chapter. Today, every other person has seen the new series of Doctor Who, but back then it was an esoteric interest and the supreme height of nerdy cool.
  2. My first creative job involved making lemon meringue pies 48 at a time. My sharp meringue peaks are masterful to this day, but I really prefer lemon cream pie - you know, lemon filling with a whipped cream topping. Currently, my go to pie to make is a chocolate cheesecake pie!
  3. One of the most thrilling times of my life was a semester I spent abroad in London. It was enthralling to be connected to a place of so much vitality and energy, while at the same time feeling like a part of ancient and eternal history. (Too bad I wasn’t a big opera fan back then, I could have attended The Royal Opera House with my student ID for £1, though I did get to see some great ballets for £1!)
  4. I’m addicted to the iBooks App on my iPad; however, I only go for the free stuff that is mainly old school. I’ve discovered so many great classics, even opera-related works like The Bride of Lammermoor, Manon Lescaut and The Lady of the Camellias (the basis for La Traviata). But, I must say the best book of all time is the Count of Monte Cristo!
  5. Why do I work so hard? Well, other than loving opera, loving jewelry and loving opera fans, my husband and I want to move to Oahu (Hawaii Opera Theatre, here we come!). He wants to have a tiny house (under 500 square feet) I’m perfectly fine if it’s just “small”; after all, I still need to have enough room to make bracelets!

I hope you will join my email community right below, so we can continue to chat about our opera journeys each week. Plus, you’ll be the first to see any new products Bracelets I’m creating as well!