Earring Club is Coming!

Earring Club is Coming!

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 08 02 2019

I’m always looking for new ways to keep people connected to their favorite opera memories.

Lately online I’ve seen things called subscriptions. It’s when people receive surprise items in a certain category every month. It may be clothes, jewelry, books, even fruit!

Could this idea work with Opera Lovers?

I wondered how I might make something similar especially for opera lovers, as a way to keep excitement and learning about opera rolling throughout all of opera season!

Some of you I am sure love opera but do not have a lot of local live operas to choose from. Like me, you rely on opera streamed to the local cinema to get the majority of your opera experiences.

Although we may not be there in person, there is something magical about sharing a live opera performance together simultaneously with people all over the globe.

Staying Connected

To celebrate these amazing opera memories, I thought it would be fun and meaningful to create something special and different; A way to keep our love of opera present and even between performances.


Earring Club from Opera Bracelets

A new way to stay connected to our opera experiences and to each other during opera season!

Come to my Earring Club Opening Night Event, Thursday, August 15 at 7PM on Facebook Live. Click here and be sure to select “Going” On the Facebook Event page!

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