Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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New designs for 2018

New for 2018!

What’s new at Opera bracelets in 2018? Scroll down to see a collection of the newest “Inspired By…” bracelet designs and more. Check out the video above to hear the story of my idea for the Met and see my own season preview “show”.

Inspired by… Aida- The Regal Egypt Bracelet.

The colors of the beads on this bracelet were chosen to reflect Egyptian painting on parchment or stone. Deep blue beads evoke lapis lazuli so prized in Egyptian sculpture and jewelry. Glass hearts evoke the theme of love running through the opera. A Pyramid charm represents the setting of Egypt; a lotus flower is an Egyptian symbol evocative of the cycle of life and death and a charm of the goddess Isis symbolizes Amneris's final prayer that heaven be opened to Radames and Aida. *Aida will be Live in HD from the Metropolitan Opera on October 6. http://www.operabracelets.com/regal-egypt/

Inspired by… Samson et Delilah – The Mon Couer Bracelet.

This bracelet reflects the seductive aria "Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix".Colors of deep red and purple suggest passion. Hints of black indicate Samson's dark fate. Small pewter hearts and flowers reflect the words of the aria. I chose a flower charm that particularly had a sense of opening or unfurling... to the sun as Delilah says. A caged heart indicates Samson's entrapment through love. A dagger indicates the shearing of his hair. *Samson et Delilah will be Live in HD from the Metropolitan Opera on October 20.  http://www.operabracelets.com/mon-couer/

Inspired by… Fanciulla del West –The Minnie’s Gamble Bracelet.
White glass pearls, heart shaped beads and clear crystals evoke the love duet in the snowstorm. Pale golden beads and crystals symbolize the golden West. Touches of ruby red with a ruby teardrop represent the blood droplets that give away Dick's hiding place when Sheriff Rance comes calling. The playing card bead evokes the card game in which Minnie wins Johnson's life. A Sheriff's star is Rance, a cowboy boot the bandit Ramirez/Johnson. A heart with a hole represents Minnie. Everyone around her loves her but the only one who can fill the hole in her heart is Dick Johnson. *La Fanciulla del West will be Live in HD from the Metropolitan Opera on October 27. http://www.operabracelets.com/minnies-gamble/

Inspired by… Fille du Regiment- The Chacun le sait Bracelet.

White glass pearls with touches of ruby, sapphire and cobalt beads evoke the colors of the regiment. Baby feet symbolize the discovery of Marie by the regiment when she was a baby. A drum represents Marie's love of the regiment and its music. Entwined hearts symbolize the love of Marie and Tonio. Heart shaped beads celebrate the themes of love- Marie for the regiment, the the men of the regiment for her as their daughter, Marie's mother on finding her and Marie and Tonio's love for each other. *La Fille du Regiment will be Live in HD from the Metropolitan Opera on March 2, 2019. http://www.operabracelets.com/chacun-le-sait/

Inspired byAndrea Chenier- The Viva la Morte Bracelet. A French blue color scheme sets the scene of France. Glass hearts and crystal teardrops evoke the tragic love of Chenier and Maddalena. A fleur de lis charm represents the aristocratic Maddalena; a pen is the poet Chenier. A heart shaped padlock charm symbolizes Maddalena's sacrifice, joining Chenier in prison and in death. http://www.operabracelets.com/viva-la-morte/

This year’s “Full Story” bracelet addition is Samson et Delilah. This design is in progress and it is available for pre-sale! Yes, it will ship by Live in HD day- October 20- if not sooner! http://www.operabracelets.com/the-samson-and-delilah-opera-bracelet/

Opera Earrings!

The earring collection is in the process of being designed. They are available for pre-sale to ship on October 1, 2018. Explore the collection at this link: http://www.operabracelets.com/earrings/

Please enjoy exploring these new pieces and contact cindy@operabracelets.com with any questions about availability.