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Opera Week Challenge

Coming October 18-25

Celebrating and Sharing our love of opera in the lead up to World Opera Day (October 25)

  • Join the daily Facebook opera chat to receive the daily passion prompt subject LIVE at 11 AM ET or anytime later that day.
  • Share your ideas that fit the prompt in the post comments - Join in the conversation with other participants!
  • You choose a relevant opera video clip to share on your own Facebook newsfeed (or other social media) with the hashtag #operaweekchallenge 
  • Our goal this week is to become opera ambassadors, letting people know why opera is so wonderful, sharing our passion and educating those who may know nothing about opera!
  • IT’S FREE and FUN


Sample daily post text: "I'm participating in the Opera Week Challenge to celebrate World Opera Day on October 25! Today I've chosen to share_______"

It's important to tell them what is going on in the aria or scene a and why you have chosen it to give viewers who are not that familiar with opera some context. 

Most of all, I invite you to have fun exploring a different opera subject with me each day!

As we celebrate Opera's stories for World Opera Day, I'm marking all Full Story Style Bracelets $25.00 off!
Come explore how jewelry can tell a story and help you keep your opera memories with you!

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*Full Story Literature, Theater, Ballet and Holiday Bracelets are included!