The Magic of Summertime

The Magic of Summertime

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 06 23 2021

When one thinks of "American Opera" Often the first thing that comes to mind is Gershwin's Porgy and Bess...

I’ve seen it called “too long” and “not a good opera”. It seems to be racially, politically and culturally controversial from every perspective. But there’s no question that Porgy and Bess reflects an important point in American musical and cultural history.

When an opera or song continues to be loved, however, it means iot transcends the things that divide us and resonates with the things we have in common.

Take the beautiful aria Summertime. Perhaps, no other piece of opera has so insistently and seamlessly made its way into other forms of music and interpretations. It’s familiar to all and always brings people together...

Hope you will enjoy exploring different versions of this endearingly beloved American lullaby:

Leontyne Price

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Billy Stewart

Janis Joplin

Billie Holiday

Nina Simone

Men of Soul (Kentucky State University Concert Choir)

Norah Jones

Audra MacDonald 

Ray Charles and Cleo Laine

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