The Les Miserables Collection

The Les Miserables Collection

Posted by Andrew Battisti on 11 01 2023

Remember experiencing Les Miserables for the first time? Maybe it was a film, a play or the beloved original novel. But, when the performance is over, or you close the book… time passes and intensity fades.  But, what if you could own jewelry providing a meaningful connection to this beloved story, enabling you to… 

Remember the Moment!

The Les Miserables Bracelet

The Les Miserables Bracelet is a unique handmade jewelry product that helps passionate, fun loving fans stay connected with this beloved story!

Elements are arranged to follow the story in linear order from beginning to end, with hand selected beads and charms symbolizing the characters and events taken directly from the original pages of the work.

The Les Miserables Bracelet Spiral Chart

In addition, the "Valjean's Transformation" bracelet represents the journey of the main character Jean Valjean.

The Valjean's Transformation Bracelet

There are also earrings and a new necklace design celebrating Les Mis!

Les Miserables Earrings

Les Miserables Necklace

Opera Bracelets are a unique handmade jewelry product that help passionate, fun loving fans of the arts stay connected with their favorite works in style. These engaging pieces of wearable art are designed especially to tell the stories of the classic operas, ballets and literature. Elements are arranged in linear order from prologue to finale with hand selected beads and charms symbolizing the characters, songs and events taken directly from the work's narrative. Opera Bracelets help you "Remember the Moment"!

Click here to see the Les Miserables collection!

Evocative and Stunning!

After recently receiving the "Valjean's Transformation" bracelet as a Christmas gift, and falling completely in love with it, I persuaded my lovely family to buy me the "Les Miserables" bracelet as an early birthday present and I am so glad I did. It is special and evocative and perfectly represents Victor Hugo's epic story.

I visited Broadway to see Alfie Boe [my favourite Jean Valjean] reprise the role, and my bracelets will be a lasting reminder of the wonderful time I had in NYC. Thank you so much for creating something so special and meaningful!

- Pat W.

A gorgeous addition to anyone's collection!

My daughter is a Les Mis superfan and she absolutely loves this bracelet. It's made well and is very unique. Cindy provides wonderful service and I would certainly purchase from you again. Thanks so much!

- Joan D.


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