Les Miserables

People connect very strongly with Victor Hugo's masterpiece, Les Miserables. I asked a friend who resonates deeply with this work why she thought fans of Les Miserables are so invested. Here is how she explained it:

"When I think about why I have seen Les Miserables so many times, I can really only come up with one answer. And that is the fact that the themes of the show are so universal, even though the piece is set in France in the 1800's.The biggest theme in my mind is love. Les Miserables shows you every kind of love that can be imagined; love for another person, love for a son or daughter, love for one's country, love for a friend, unrequited love, and love simply just to love. And the best part is anyone can relate to one of those "loves", and the passion that the characters show for each other and their country. Love is truly endless."

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