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The Phantom of the Opera Collection

Do you remember experiencing Phantom of the Opera, be it via a film, play or the magical original novel? It introduced you to a world of romantic beauty, bittersweet tragedy and love’s redemption. When it reaches you, Phantom can be an emotional, powerful and nearly life changing experience.

Naturally, when the performance is over or you close the book… time passes and intensity fades.  But, what if you could own jewelry that provides a meaningful connection to this beloved story, enabling you to...

Remember the Moment!


The Phantom of the Opera Collection from Opera Bracelets

The Phantom of the Opera Bracelet is a unique handmade jewelry product that helps passionate, fun loving fans stay connected with this beloved story!

Elements are arranged to follow the story in linear order from beginning to end, with hand selected beads and charms symbolizing the characters and events taken directly from the original pages of the work.


In addition, the "Inspired By..." bracelet line celebrates individual moments of the work:

The Angel of Music bracelet is inspired by Erik impersonating an angel, teaching Christine and influencing her emotions.


Night Music is inspired by the crucial scene of the Phantom causing the massive chandelier to crash and kidnapping the enamored Christine.

There are also earrings and a necklace design celebrating the Phantom's iconic story!



Opera Bracelets are a unique handmade jewelry product that help passionate, fun loving fans of the arts stay connected with their favorite works in style. These engaging pieces of wearable art are designed especially to tell the stories of the classic operas, ballets and literature. Elements are arranged in linear order from prologue to finale with hand selected beads and charms symbolizing the characters, songs and events taken directly from the work's narrative. Opera Bracelets help you "Remember the Moment"!

Click here to see the Phantom of the Opera Collection!


I ordered the Phantom of the Opera Bracelet for my daughter at Christmas when I first saw it and was so happy when it arrived! Pictures don't do this piece justice! Thoughtfully made, lovely craftsmanship, timely shipping and payment was a breeze. Everything about this process and this product was perfection. Thank you!

- Kristine S.