The Phantom of the Opera

Many people have been deeply affected by the story of The Phantom of the Opera and they come to learn more about opera after reading Gaston Leroux's iconic novel, or by seeing one of the many film, stage productions or musicals of this work.

Click the photos below to see the bracelets in the Phantom of the Opera collection or watch the video on this page to learn more.

  • The Phantom of the Opera Bracelet tells the story through symbolic beads and charms
  • The Angel of Music and Night Music "Inspired by..." bracelets evoke particular moments of this beloved tale. 
  • NEW! Phantom of the Opera Necklace is a 2020 addition to the collection that complements the bracelets.
  • Phantom of the Opera Earrings provide an accessory to the bracelets and necklace
  • NEW! The Phantom of the Opera Ensemble combines a necklace, earrings and (optionally) a bracelet at a discounted cost for a complete look showing your love for Phantom
  • The Phantom of the Opera Gift Set includes all 3 bracelets at a 20% savings over purchasing the bracelets separately

"Lovely selection of charms and colors - This is a stunning bracelet. I love the pieces and colors representing this story so beautifully. Great job!" - Jeanne