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The Phantom of the Opera Bracelet tells the tragic story through symbolic beads and charms. Makes a meaningful gift for a Phantom lover. 

Oft retold in film and on stage, Gaston Leroux's tragic, horrific love story is one of the world's most beloved novels. A young singer is tutored in singing by the Angel of Music. She soon learns the Angel is an eccentric masked man with a beautiful voice; unable to resist she unmasks him revealing the true tragedy beneath- the disfigured face known all around the Palais Garnier as: The Opera Ghost-The Phantom of the Opera!

Customers passionately requested the creation of this bracelet. Their love for this story prompted me to design the first bracelet in the collection outside of opera proper. It has been incredibly popular!

Each bead and charm of The Phantom of the Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from the book. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • Wealthy Raoul, Christine's hope for a brilliant future, is a gold glass bead. Naively innocent and gifted Christine is a clear iridescent bead. A small pink heart bead is their love.
  • A bead with floating roses symbolizes Christine’s triumph singing Marguerite in Faust.
  • The Phantom, who sees all in his realm, is a black cat's eye bead. An angel wing charm indicates his identity as the Angel of Music.
  • Tiny crystals framed with deep red and gold beads and a chandelier charm indicate the majesty of the Palais Garnier. A clear crackled disc represents the chandelier's famous crash to the floor.
  • A faceted chrome finish bead evokes Christine being abducted through her spinning mirror.
  • Twisted blue beads and a rowboat charm symbolize Christine being ferried across the secret lake of the Paris Opera.
  • A sparkling dark blue goldstone oval and music note charm represent the magic of Erik's beautiful voice.
  • Christine is unable to resist the temptation to reveal his identity, she rips away Erik’s mask (mask charm) revealing his horrifying deformity.
  • Leroux describes Erik as looking like a “Death’s Head”, I chose a skull bead to represent this.
  • The strange circumstances surrounding Christine bewilder Raoul. (Question mark bead)
  • The Lyre charm symbolizes the central chapter of Leroux’s book called “Apollo’s Lyre” in which Christine reveals the truth of what is going on with Erik.
  • Erik’s love takes a dark turn when he overhears Christine and Raoul declaring their love. I chose a dark heart shaped bead to represent this turn in his emotions.
  • The character of the Persian is represented by a glass turquoise bead indicating one of the precious stones found in Persia.
  • Black oval beads symbolize the barrels of gunpowder Raoul and the Persian discover under the Opera House.
  • A large double cone bead symbolizes the decision Christine must make to either marry Erik or detonate the gunpowder. She chooses Erik and floods the gunpowder with water (large blue droplet).
  • She allows Erik to kiss her and kisses him in return weeping for his sad life. A red heart is her kiss, a blue teardrop bead, her tears.
  • Erik’s heart is transformed by her compassion and he releases her to marry Raoul. (Large swirly heart bead)
  • Overcome by emotion, Erik dies of a broken heart. A red heart made of crackled glass indicates the final tragic end of the Phantom’s story.

Phantom Bracelet

Written by Sharon Bailey on 04 25 2019

These bracelets are charming but they are even more precious in person. I bought the Phantom bracelet and I LOVE it. The entire bracelet tells a story so it not only is beautiful but whimsical! I also bought a bracelet for my daughter from Les Mis and it is just as special! If a show means a lot to you don't hesitate to buy one of these unique bracelets. You'll love it!!

Opera Bracelets

Written by Claire Melnyk on 02 09 2019

Phantom of the Opera bracelet is just beautiful. In fact, it’s exquisite! Quality workmanship. Remarkable detail.

Phantom of the Opera bracelet

Written by Dorothy Schulze on 08 06 2018

Captures the themes if the play beautifully. Loved the black & red color, combination!

Love It!

Written by MDH,Jr. on 02 26 2018

I bought this bracelet now to give to my wife on some special future occasion, because she and our precious niece absolutely loved the Les Mis and the Cendrillon bracelets which I had bought them as Christmas gifts in 2015. I trust that my wife will treasure this bracelet as much as she does her Les Mis one.

Next best thing than the real thing

Written by Cheryl on 01 12 2017

I was jealous when my daughter went to see the Phantom before Christmas now she is jealous of me. This is a wounderful way to remember my favorite musical.

Fantastic way to remember a show!

Written by Amy on 12 20 2016

I bought this bracelet for my daughter who recently played both Christine and Carlotta in a college production. This has been her dream show since she was 10. She cried tears of joy when she saw the bracelet. Every bead and charm highlight the story perfectly. I see a collection of Opera Bracelets in her future to remember performances.

Phantom of the Opera

Written by Celia on 05 16 2016

This will be a gift for a friend. We will be seeing the Phantom next week and this will be her birthday present. All of us attending love this opera. I will be ordering another one for myself. I'm so anxious to give her this beautiful gift.

Mother's Day Gift

Written by undefined on 05 14 2016

The bracelet is beautiful! Great gift for a special day.


Written by Denise French on 02 24 2016

This bracelet is absolutely stunning. It's a very unique addition to my collection. Couldn't be happier with it!


Written by Kristine Schnacke on 12 25 2015

Loved this Phantom bracelet for my daughter at Christmas when I first saw it. Ordered it. Was so happy when it arrived! Pictures don't do this piece justice! Thoughtfully made. Lovely craftsmanship. Timely shipping. Payment a breeze. Everything about this process and this product was perfection. Thank you!

The Phantom Story

Written by undefined on 12 23 2015

I love my Phantom of the Opera bracelet, I love the card that explains the meaning of each bead, I love the compliments I have received while wearing the bracelet, I love the comfort of wearing the bracelet. The bracelet is interesting, beautiful and fun! Love, Love, Love it!

A Unique and Memorable Gift!

Written by Mike Gironda on 11 15 2015

Although this is a Christmas gift, I know what the reaction will be. My wife "wished" for the bracelet, based on her love and the compliments received on your Les Mis bracelet, a gift for her last birthday. Thank you for your product and the nice treats you included with the bracelet. I am looking forward to my wife's pleasure on Christmas Morning!

Lovely selection of charms and colors

Written by Jeanne Olson on 05 14 2015

This is a stunning bracelet. I love the pieces and colors representing this story so beautifully. Great job!

Best Birthday present

Written by undefined on 04 09 2015

Love the bracelet! Get lots of comments on it!

Phantom Bracelet

Written by Lois Love on 02 27 2015

I have been looking at this bracelet for the past year and finally decided to order it. I am sorry that I didn't order it sooner as it is a beautiful piece. It is put together with lots of beads and charms and the story is included so you can the beads and charms. Thank you so much for crafting this lovely bracelet. I will enjoy it for many years!

As advertised

Written by Brian on 02 18 2015

This being my first purchase from here, I was completely satisfied. I purchased this as a Valentines gift...she absolutely loved it! I believe I ordered it on a Friday with two day shipping, it arrived Monday afternoon, very impressed.

Beautiful Bracelet-Amazing Customer Service!!

Written by undefined on 12 29 2014

5 days after my order was shipped -3 days before Christmas Eve, I received an e-mail from Cindy saying that as she was reviewing her orders she tracked mine and noticed that it seemed to have not moved from the post office. She sent me a tracking number, but also told me that she was sending another bracelet by Express mail immediately because she didn't want anyone to be disappointed over the holidays. I ended up receiving both packages 2 days later! -of course she got one back- " ) This was the best customer service I think I have ever received. Cindy was more concerned with my order than I was, and she contacted me first. The bracelet is beautiful, and my daughter loves it! Thank you, Cindy

love my bracelet

Written by Brooke Sutter on 12 11 2014

Love the bracelet and would def buy more in future. You can tell the person cares about what they're making & also relationship with the customer. I got a sweet note & candy along with the beautiful bracelet. Very nice. Thank you. And shipped out very quickly.

I loved the show but I love my bracelet more!

Written by Kathleen Wax on 05 16 2014

Perfect in every detail. This is my second opera bracelet and they just keep getting better. My Phantom bracelet brings back memories of the show. Bravo Cindy!


Written by Gina on 01 12 2014

I simply looooooove this bracelet. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite Broadway shows and I love that I can now wear its story on my wrist. Thanks for the work of art.

Great gift.

Written by Patti on 01 03 2013

I gave this bracelet to my daughter for Christmas. She had performed the role of Christine in a Phantom production. This bracelet is beautiful and looks lovely on her arm.

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