7 gifts for opera lovers : Opera Moments

7 gifts for opera lovers : Opera Moments

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 11 27 2022

Operas affect us emotionally with their grand sweeping scale. But sometimes, a single moment will shine out resonating with its magic. In real life an instant may flit by, but in opera time stops for thoughts and emotions set to beautiful music.

These bracelets make a meaningful gift for opera loving moms, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends etc. Each celebrates a popular opera arias or character and allows the wearer to Remember the moment...

1.Queen of the Night, inspired by The Magic Flute.  The Queen's arias are famous for their vocal fireworks! Whenever I see someone sing this I am blown away! Dark beads symbolize the inky night while opalescent and clear crystals indicate starlight and moonlight. Charms include the Queen's crown and her dagger.

2.Habanera, inspired by Carmen. The beloved aria heralds the entrance of Carmen who tells us all about love: l’amour! Charms symbolize the rebellious bird that Carmen compares love to, the flower with which she enchants Don Jose and a heart represents their love.

3.Violetta, inspired by La Traviata. This bracelet evokes the character Violetta Valery who sings one of the most thrilling soprano arias, "Sempre libera" in which she tries to convince herself that one should live for pleasure and avoid the attachment of love. Charms include the flower she gives to Alfredo on their meeting, the portrait she gives him upon her death and a heart engraved with "Love" in English, French and Italian on the back.

4. Nessun Dorma, Inspired by Turandot. Sometimes I think this is the world's favorite aria but 50% of the people I run into don't know the context or the words. Calaf is gambling with his life to win the heart of the woman who has captivated him. He holds out hope for the morning, knowing everyone in the city has been commanded to learn his name by dawn. Colors symbolize the night transitioning to dawn. A charm of the sun embracing the moon represents Calaf and Turandot and the finale where the people celebrate the sun. 

5.Mimi and Moonlight, inspired by La Boheme. Everyone's heart warms to fragile Mimi as she sings her soprano aria “Mi Chiammano Mimi” in which she sings about her sad and solitary life. Charms include Mimi's key, the candle Rodolfo must light for her and an angel wing heart that indicates her sad destiny.

6. Papageno , Inspired by the Magic Flute. Papageno is drawn into a quest that is beyond him. All he wants is a nice girl to settle down with. His arias and the enchanting "Pa, pa, pa" duet with Papagena inspire this bracelet. Colors of love birds compliment Papageno's birdcage and flute; lovebirds represent Papageno and Papagena in love. 

7.Song to the Moon, inspired by Rusalka. The love song of the saddest little mermaid as she implores the moon to tell her prince of her love, this beloved Czech aria has become a hallmark of sopranos. Opalescent beads represent moonlight; Charms indicate Rusalka, the moon and love.

Find other great aria bracelets such as Vissi d’arte (Tosca), Un bel di(Madama Butterfly), Chacun la sait (Fille du Regiment), Musetta’s waltz (La Boheme) and many others by visiting the "Shop by Opera" page.

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