About Opera Bracelets

Stay connected to your special opera moments in a unique and meaningful way with Opera Bracelets!

When you attend an opera, it's an emotional, powerful and life changing experience.


When the performance is over, how do you hold onto these feelings and "Remember the Moment" of seeing and hearing your favorite singers and beloved opera stories?

I had the same question over 10 years ago, so I designed and made unique jewelry especially for passionate fun-loving opera fans like you... Opera Bracelets! 


You may be wondering what makes Opera Bracelets different from other jewelry products on the market...

Unlike regular beaded or charm bracelets, my original, full story Opera Bracelets enable you to celebrate your favorite operas by literally telling the opera’s story from beginning to end using symbolic beads and charms. Each element is specifically selected to represent the important characters, arias and special moments from the opera's libretto.

This unique narrative design makes an Opera Bracelet especially meaningful, as the piece:

  • vividly evokes an opera that is beloved to you whenever you wear it,
  • is a catalyst to physically connect to your memories and experiences of the opera, and
  • allows you to relive the opera's story anytime.

Opera Bracelets are also great conversation starters that allow you to express to other people the emotions you feel for that particular opera in a special way. Opera Bracelets are ideal mementos that outwardly show the world your passion for your favorite operas.

Here is an example: The La Boheme Opera Bracelet

The spiral chart shows the opera's story progressing and what the key beads and charms represent.


Why should you choose Opera Bracelets?

  • Opera Bracelets are excellent memento because they are meaningful and make an emotional connection between the wearer and their beloved memories of these stories and performances. There is no other product on the market comparable to what Opera Bracelets uniquely provides to an opera fan!
  • Opera Bracelets make a perfect gift for opera lovers or performers in anticipation of attending a beloved performance or celebrating a birthday or special occasion.
  • Opera Bracelets let you take your favorite opera with you! That’s why our tagline is: "Remember the Moment!"

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"I received the La Boheme Opera Bracelet for Christmas, and I've worn it already 4 times. I love it so much! It's not only pretty and elegant, but it also tells the story of the opera. I have thoroughly enjoyed showing it to people and explaining the meaning of each bead. This is so clever and smart and creative. I'll definitely be buying more! Really just a perfect gift for an opera lover.‚Äč" - Claire

In addition, my "Inspired By..." bracelet line celebrates individual opera arias, events or characters in the opera.

Violetta Valery inspired by La Traviata


Mimi and Moonlight, inspired by La Bohememimi-2-web.jpg

Explore the Opera Collection Now

"I'm a returning customer. I first bought the Violetta Valery bracelet, and I couldn't pass up the chance to add the Mimi in Moonlight bracelet to my collection. The delicate beading, the beautiful colors, the perfectly fitting charms, and the overall intricate detail have Mimi written all over it. Not only is Cindy's eye for detail in her creations superb, her enthusiasm for opera is what makes these bracelets the masterpieces that they are. I will certainly be making more purchases in the future. Brava!" - Jessica

In 2018, I created Opera Earrings, which are a perfect complement to Opera Bracelets! Opera Earrings symbolize specific arias and characters in an opera, similar to our "Inspired by..." bracelets. Click here to see all my Earring Designs


"These are even prettier than the pictures indicated, as well as being lightweight and fun to wear. As someone who has periodically purchased Opera Bracelet items before, I am so pleased with the expansion into earrings. I also appreciate all the lovely touches that come with the package." - Therese

In 2020, I added to the accessories for my bracelets with a line of Opera Necklaces, which evoke favorite operas with specially selected beads and charms. Click here to see all my Necklace Designs.