About Opera Bracelets

Watch the video to see more about how beads and charms can tell a story!

You know how when you attend an opera, you often experience an emotional, powerful and nearly life changing moment? Naturally, when the performance is over and time passes, this intensity can fade…

Opera Bracelets help passionate, fun loving opera fans stay connected with their favorite works through meaningful handmade jewelry.

These pieces of wearable art have a unique narrative design that literally tells the stories of classic operas. Elements are arranged in linear order from prologue to finale with hand selected beads and charms symbolizing the characters, arias and events of the opera's libretto. Every Opera Bracelet comes with a chart telling the story and identifying the symbolism of the elements.

“Inspired by…” series bracelets celebrate individual characters, arias or moments of operas.


 Why should you choose Opera Bracelets?

  • Opera Bracelets are excellent memento because they are meaningful and make an emotional connection between the wearer and their beloved memories of these stories and performances. Opera Bracelets are not just another piece of Jewelry!
  • Opera Bracelets make a perfect gift for opera lovers or performers in anticipation of attending a beloved performance or celebrating a birthday or special occasion.
  • Opera Bracelets let you take your favorite opera with you! That’s why our tagline is: "Remember the Moment!"

Special treats your receive with an Opera Bracelet!

"I am currently enjoying this wonderful treat from Cindy that arrived with my best friend's Opera Bracelet. We can't wait to give it to her - her Fledermaus bracelet will join the collection of Olivia's HMS Pinafore bracelet, Sandy's Cendrillon bracelet and my Xerxes bracelet. Opera Bracelets are the traditional gift that we give to one another for their big debuts - they are perfect!" - Annie Chester