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 “Opera Bracelets has increased the interest in operas. I was never an opera fan, but seeing all of the pieces with their romance cards, without which the jewelry would have very little meaning or interest to me, no doubt increases people's appreciation of opera and the other works to which tribute is paid. I've found myself looking up various operas to get more information about them after looking at the jewelry and reading the romance cards.” – Kathy

“Your work and initiative is incredible. This Christmas I received my first Opera Bracelet in memory of my first Opera La Traviata seen almost 50 years ago in a summer concert in a park in Rochester N.Y. Keep doing a wonderful job there are many appreciative recipients of your wonderful craft. I love my bracelet and it will not be my last.” Claudette

“I love all the jewelry l have gotten from you. It is beautiful. You help people learn the stories from the opera and appreciate it.” Debbie 

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