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Make Opera Your Valentine 2017

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It’s our fifth annual challenge to “Make Opera Your Valentine!”

At Opera Bracelets we say our product is for fun loving, passionate opera fans. As such, I encourage you this Valentine’s Day to share a favorite opera aria, moment or duet on your own Facebook page or on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or wherever you like to post things. Maybe you would rather send an email to your friends or, even better, just talk it up in person!

BUT, this is the important thing: You have to tell why you LOVE the piece and give a short explanation of what is happening to the characters in the song. The goal is to give your friends who may not be familiar with opera a little sample of how opera can rock your world! Without context, it is hard to understand why we find opera moving and beautiful. It may seem obvious to us but for people outside of opera they might think a piece is beautiful but not get the emotional connection.

Here’s mine for 2016:

This year I’m choosing something light hearted. (Also, it’s our 25th wedding anniversary this week and this is one of Andrew’s favorites.)

Papageno is a hardworking guy with one hope- to find a special woman, settle down and have kids. He gets unwittingly caught up in the wild game that is the Magic Flute, gets a glimpse of his chosen girl only to have her whisked away from him because he is unworthy. After more travail, in frustration, he threatens to take his life. Three magic boys implore him to ring his magic bells upon which beautiful Papagena appears! The joy of the lovers upon being reunited is exuberant and actually defies words- even German words! Skip to 5:30 for the "good part".

Finding the value

I’ve been thinking a lot about what things are worth, their value.Example: For the longest time I resisted using Stamps.com. I didn’t like how you have to pay a fee every month. We don’t have very many shipments in summer and it seemed silly to me to be paying this monthly fee during the slow times. However, Andrew insisted we [...]

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My Tristan und Isolde Window

So, once upon a time, we were house hunting (once upon a time like 20 years ago). I fell in love with a stained glass window in an older house. It was on a medieval theme and I was and still am big into knightly literature. We did not get that house, but I was still determined to have [...]

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Tristan or How did we get on this boat anyway?

I must have been very young when I first learned of the romance of Tristan and Isolde, probably it was the version of the tale wound into the Le Morte d’Arthur which is still my favorite- lots of passion and lovely knightly medieval detail. I assume I was young, because I was already deeply involved with the tale when [...]

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Getting ready for holiday sales

Today, I noticed my holly bush is full of red berries! (It’s late August).Someone asked me: how soon do I start preparing for the holidays business wise?So, I created this schedule to share, both to make me feel organized, maybe help other businesses that are new to this get their thoughts together and give a peak to customers of what goes [...]

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Remembering the Moment

Sometimes when you’re involved with a big project, it’s good to go back and remember why the heck you’re doing this in the first place. I’m working on something important, what they call a "sales page" for the Opera Bracelets website. It’s a way to really welcome new people to what Opera Bracelets are and why they should [...]

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Summer reading list – Opera Style

I hated the school provided summer reading list. I mean HATED.Mainly this was because it got in the way of my own list that I had compiled all year. Now that I had the time, because school was out, I had these dumb requirements in my way of reading what I wanted. I went to the card catalogue and [...]

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I'm Dreaming of an Opera Festival!

This week I’m following along with the Opera America Conference virtually through the live streaming they make available. One subject of conversation was using the concept of festivals to create interest and excitement. They presented examples of jazz and comedy festivals. What would a great opera festival be like? We need some serious brainstorming!First of all, many places have “opera [...]

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And I’ll tell you how that opera is Greek….

So, in anticipation of seeing the Met Live in HD of Elektra, I wanted to do a little reading up to give me some background.But, unexpectedly, I found a lot of opera plots woven in there! Here goes… Source: WikipediaOnce upon a time, Greeks went to get Helen back from Troy (Opera: Les Troyens). Agamemnon was one of the big [...]

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World Book Day

You may have heard that World Book Day is this week! (March 3) So, I was wondering … what books have you read that relate to being an opera lover? Here’s some of mine:Malory’s Morte d’Arthur (Wagner’s Parsifal) I think I was maybe 11 when I started my life long King Arthur/Holy Grail journey.Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther (Massenet’s Werther) [...]

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