Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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Opera Songs for snow shoveling*

Well it’s here, winter proper. Snow in multiple feet and with freezing cold in tow.

So, I was thinking... What’s good music to shovel by? Not necessarily snow scenes, but some songs great for being active. (*shoveling, mopping, raking, digging, housework, gardening etc.)

The obvious song to shovel by is the Anvil Chorus- great rhythm for swinging the shovel.

I quite like the forging song – also stimulating for bouncing round. 

A good march is nice for snow shoveling. How about Faust Soldier’s March?

Or the triumphal March- ahh now there’s a great song to get one moving.

Suggestions for other opera songs?

Whenever I walk by this aerobic dance place at the mall they always seem to blasting rap? House? I don’t even know what you call it. It is LOUD, shakes the mall itself. I know why they do it, the beat gets you moving. I’m not sure I want to save my heart and lose my ears though. Can’t someone invent a classical music exercise thing?

(You can have that business idea for free - roll with it you exercise entrepreneur you!)