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Discovering Bluebeard's Castle

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DESIGN NOTES: Once upon a time, when I was first intently "learning opera" by reading Opera for Dummies, I became fascinated by Bartok’s opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle.

What the heck is this story? A dark fairytale? A supernatural kind of “twilight zone” thing? Vampire story, zombie tale? An allegory that only some English professor can sort out?

Inspired by Bluebeard's Castle Bluebeards Keys Bracelet

Whatever it is, I was so inspired that I immediately had a vision of what that bracelet would look like. BUT due to the macabre nature of the story, I assumed- probably rightly, that no one would want to wear it...

Recently one of our Opera Bracelets Facebook friends encouraged me to go ahead and make that design come to reality.

I can’t wait to wear it to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD performance of Bluebeard’s Castle / Iolanta on February 14! Hopefully it may make a nice gift for the many other fans and Bluebeard’s wives out there in years to come…

To see and learn more about the bracelet, click here!

Life, opera and the internet

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The Opera Unlock Code

I knew that people were incredibly passionate about opera. What I didn’t understand was: Why? All the while I wrote my business plan, designed the first Opera Bracelets and read the demographics about opera lovers, I simply didn’t completely “get it”. It was because I had yet to experience what I call the Opera Unlock [...]

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Met Live in HD Season opens!

The Met Live in HD season started last Saturday with a world wide broadcast of the Met's new production of Donizetti's Elixir of Love with Anna Netrebko, Matthew Polenzani, Ambrogio Maestri and Mariusz Kwiecien.It was exciting to find out we have 4 theaters to choose from now in Rochester, not just 3 and the crowd [...]

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New designs for Wagner's Ring are now available!

The series of four bracelets commemorating Richard Wagner's four opera epic The Ring of the Nibelung has received a complete redesign! I am excited to present these new bracelets just in time for the LePage Ring, starting 3 cycles in New York at the Metropolitan Opera this April! The operas will also be presented as [...]

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