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9 Holiday Bracelets to celebrate the season

Celebrate beloved holiday traditions with these popular bracelets representing beloved holiday memories.

Remember the Moment with a bracelet from the Holiday Collection!

  • 1. The Night Before Christmas Bracelet. Telling Clement Moore's famous holiday story through beads and charms!
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  • 2. The Nutcracker Ballet. Attending this ballet is a family tradition for so many! We all wish that we could attend the fabulous beautiful party and follow Clara on her amazing adventures!
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  • 3. Handel’s Messiah. Lovers of Baroque, Choral and vocal music will find this bracelet especially meaningful.
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  • 4. Festival of Lights. Customers and friends specifically asked for a bracelet to celebrate Hanukkah. Clear crystals symbolize the lights of the menorah in the deep blue night.
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  • 5. A Christmas Carol. Be it the original book or one of the many versions on stage and screen, we all have a favorite version of Scrooge’s story. This bracelet tells Dickens story through meaningful beads and charms.
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  • 6. Amahl and the Night Visitors. Once a holiday television tradition and now performed all over the country during the holiday season, the heartwarming story of Amahl and the Magi is beloved. 
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  • 7. La Boheme Opera Bracelet. When two lost souls find each other on Christmas Eve you can’t help but fall in love with them as the go out into the snowy streets of Paris to meet their bohemian friends at café Momus! Each bead and charm tells part of the story of the world’s favorite opera. 
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  • 8. St. Nick. The St. Nick Bracelet celebrates the modern representation of Santa Claus started by Clement Moore in his iconic poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas", otherwise known as "The Night Before Christmas". 
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  • 9. Wonderful. Inspired by “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a unique bracelet symbolizing aspects of the beloved holiday film. 
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