Halloween Opera!

Halloween Opera!

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 10 26 2023

Many operas are appropriate for the Halloween season! There are spooky and supernatural subjects aplenty...

Don Giovanni - it’s all fun and games and well seduction, rape and murder, until Giovanni and Leporello meet up in a graveyard at night... bold Giovanni invites the spooky statue of the man he has killed to dinner. The statue arrives at the house to give Giovanni a final opportunity for redemption... refusing, he is dragged into hell. 

Un Ballo in Maschera - beware assassins- based on a true story

Faust - A depressed disillusioned old man, Faust calls upon the powers of hell. The demon Mephistopheles gives him youth in return for his soul and has some fun making people dance along the way! 

Lucia di Lammermoor – Lucia tells her friend Alisa about a ghost she has seen. Was it real or a sign of her fragile mental state?

Bluebeards Castle – it’s all spooky here and brace yourself cos when you get to the end you still won’t know what’s going on (spoilers).  

The Medium - Menotti's eerie tale...

Turn of the screw- No need to say more

Tales of Hoffman – A life size doll, a vision of a dead mother, a mirror that steals your reflection (huh?)... Take your pick! 

Il Trovatore - The whole tale is just horrific!

Der Freischutz - Casting magic bullets at midnight... what could go wrong?

Der Vampyr - it's al in the name...

The Demon - good, evil, love, curses and redemption...and ermmm Dmitri Hvorostovsky!

Macbeth- Double double toil and trouble indeed.

Rusalka- Transformation scene with Jezibaba

Die Fledermaus - Friends don’t let friends drink and get dressed up as bats. Well that’s the moral of the story anyway. That and: You can always blame it on champagne.

More than one person suggested this... I guess for myself I'm more focused on the rebirth and redemption aspect...

I'm sure there are more great Halloween opera moments! Let me know


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