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Join me at the Lotte Lenya Competition

The Lotte Lenya Vocal Competition is Saturday and it’s all being live streamed so I hope you will “Join me”!

The Lotte Lenya competition is named for the wife of composer Kurt Weil a gifted singer, actor and interpreter of Weil’s music. It is unique in its requirements that the contestants demonstrate not only singing and acting ability, but beyond that, they must be able to tell a story through their performance of the song. The competition’s tagline is “Singing the Story”

Daytime round
11AM -3PM (approximately- it usually runs longer) Contestants perform four pieces

  • A selection from the operatic or operetta repertoire
  • A theatrical selection (any genre) by Kurt Weill
  • A song from the “Golden Age” (pre-1968) American musical theater repertoire
  • A song from the American musical theater repertoire of 1968 or later

By the end of the day the audience is put through almost 50 dramatic and climactic storytelling moments. Bring Kleenex.

Evening Round
8PM Judges choose to hear one song by each person before they announce the winners.


Join the live Stream at the appropriate times: The Kilbourn Hall of the Eastman School of Music’s Live stream channel.

To see past performances from the competition visit: The YouTube channel for the Kurt Weil Foundation.

To see this year’s programs for both the day and evening rounds: Visit the Kurt Weil Foundation’s page for the event.

Hope you will join me for all or part of this fantastic experience.