Life, opera, the internet- and scarves!

Life, opera, the internet- and scarves!

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 11 19 2019

People get down on technology. They say it keeps us from interacting with each other.

But I have found the opposite to be the case.

In business I have found incredible people online to help me with questions and support along the way. In opera more experienced opera lovers have taught me so much that helped me create meaningful designs and gain deeper understandings on my opera journey.

One day, through a chance Facebook comment conversation. I met an amazing artist, Julie Anna Lewis (See more of this story in my video above). Her work was beautiful and I was an immediate fan! Come to find out Julie Anna was in the process of transforming some of her gorgeous artwork into opera inspired pure silk scarves.

The rest is history - these scarves compliment opera jewelry perfectly and give opera lovers another way to express their passion for opera. 

Click here now to see Julie Anna’s beautiful designs! 


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