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Magical Opera Moments

The thing about opera is, it gives so much back to you… So many magical moments.

My very first-time attending opera at the movie theater, I saw Aida. My first Aida.

Now I have never been too sure why this opera is not called Amneris and that day Amneris was Dolora Zajick. The entire experience was magical but... What really knocked me over was that Dolora had completely convinced me she was a jealous 17-year-old girl with a young girl's obsession for Radames and she also happened to be a powerful princess…dangerous combo!

It made me think a lot about Amneris about the woman she would become…. Wiser, sadder, empathetic to others. I hope she rules well with a generous heart.

Over the years I have learned so much about opera from Dolora, by hearing her in interviews and watching her performances. It has been my pleasure to give back by supporting her Institute for Young Dramatic Voices these last few years with a portion of our sales from the busiest season! 

Here is Dolora sharing her wisdom an any number of topics!