Make Opera Your Valentine 2023

Make Opera Your Valentine 2023

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 02 09 2023

It’s our tenth annual challenge to “Make Opera Your Valentine!”

At Opera Bracelets we say our product is for fun-loving, passionate opera fans. As such, I encourage you this Valentine’s Day to share a favorite opera aria, moment or duet (it is not required to be a love song) on your own social media , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you like to post things!

BUT, this is the important thing: You have to tell why you LOVE the piece and give a short explanation of what is happening to the characters in the song.  Without context, it is hard to understand why we find opera moving and beautiful.

It may seem obvious to us but for people outside of opera they might think a piece is beautiful but not get the emotional connection.

The goal is to give your friends who may not be familiar with opera a little sample of how opera can rock your world! In this way we become opera ambassadors, sharing our love of this artform and maybe peaking the interest of others who might not know much about it. 

Here’s mine for 2023: I'm choosing the Love Duet from the opera Siegfried! 

I'm participating in "Make opera your Valentine" to spread love and knowledge of opera. #MakeOperaYourValentine

Brunnhilde has been in a magic sleep for 17 years. Siegfried kisses her and breaks the spell (as you do). Brunnhilde is initially hesitant and tried to deter Siegfried from loving her but it isn't long (well about 20 minutes) before she falls in love with him anyway. Their mutual elation is an opera moment that's hard to beat! 

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