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Make Opera Your Valentine Week 2022

Every year, I promote “Make Opera Your Valentine” as a way to celebrate and learn more about opera.

This year, we are joined by Cara and Emma of Unpacking Opera, a fun and educational podcast!

  • Join me every morning (February 7-14) on Facebook Live  for a chat about Love and Opera
  • THEN get more input from the ladies by listening to relevant episodes of Unpacking Opera.

  • On Valentine’s Day, you’ll share a clip of one of your favorite opera moments on your own social media feeds, to spread knowledge about opera with others! Becoming an opera ambassador is how you Make Opera Your Valentine.

Join me each day on Facebook Live at 11AM ET 
Click Here
and be sure to click "Going"

You’ll find links to the relevant Unpacking Opera podcasts below:

February 7 Marriage of Figaro - Listen to Podcast

February 8 Rusalka – Listen to Podcast

February 9 Merry Widow – Listen to Podcast

February 10 Eugene Onegin – Listen to Podcast

February 11 Tosca – Listen to Podcast

February 12 La Cenerentola – Listen to Podcast

February 13 Turandot – Listen to Podcast

February 14 Make Opera Your Valentine: Today share a clip of one of your favorite opera moments! Be sure to explain what is happening in the scene/song and why you have chosen it as your way to #MakeOperaYourValentine

Please share this page and episodes of Unpacking Opera with fellow Opera Lovers!

Explore this years Romance Collection below