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My Tristan und Isolde Window

So, once upon a time, we were house hunting (once upon a time like 20 years ago). I fell in love with a stained glass window in an older house. It was on a medieval theme and I was and still am big into knightly literature.

We did not get that house, but I was still determined to have a stained glass window. Naturally, the fact that I knew nothing about stained glass was a bit of a challenge. So, I discovered a product called glass paint. I designed a window with the theme of “Tintagel”, the castle that is the setting for parts of both Tristan and Isolde and The King Arthur Legends.

Alas, the glass paint had problems. It couldn’t handle the heat of being on an actual window and would begin to slowly run. And the light faded parts of it. Then we got new windows in the house and that was the end of that. But, I have saved it to this day in a closet.

Inspired by the upcoming performances of Tristan und Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera, I here share with you my wistful project….

The center image is the classic book photo view of this beautiful windswept castle. The left and right panels were actually meant to represent King Uther and Dutchess Igraine, parents of King Arthur. the top and bottom are scenes from Tristan and Isolde.

Here Tristan fights his battle with the Irish Knight Morholt.

Tristan and Isolde share their fateful drink.


The left corner symbolizes Isolde with healing herbs and mortar and pestle to mix medicine. In the lower left the shard of sword (blue) taken from Morholts head after Tristan slew him in battle. In the right corner Tristan's harp and his sword showing the matching gouge.

You can probably see the fading and melted paint in places, so, just as well I moved on to making jewelry.
Click to see the Tristan und Isolde Opera Bracelet

THe Tristan und Isolde Opera Bracelet