Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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National Opera Week 2015

How do you handle your love of Opera?

1. You love it so much that you can't stop talking about it.

2. You keep your passion secret because it is so strong it affects you like a drug or a cult. You don’t speak of it in company.

I have always leaned towards number 2 with all kinds of music. When I like something, I like it so much that I don't want to open the door to having someone “hurt it” with their opinions. Example: when you take your good friend to your favorite restaurant and they can't stop talking about how bad they thought the food was. You don’t want that happening with the opera that dropped you to your knees and changed your life.

But, this week, I want to encourage you (and me) to try out being a number one. It’s National Opera Week and it inspired me to be (and encourage you to be) an Opera Ambassador. What does that mean?

It means actively telling people how cool opera is - and if you can work it in, please tell them there are subtitles - most people outside the opera world don’t know this basic fact!

Madama Butterfy Detail

Sure, it’s kind of awkward just slipping this chat into course of the day. However, a couple customers have told me recently that Opera Bracelets have helped them to open the conversation about opera with friends and strangers alike. After all, the uniqueness of an Opera Bracelet can often prompt inquiries. To us in the opera world, it makes perfect sense to have a bracelet with charms such as a Japanese fan, US flag, bird, wedding ring and dagger (Madama Butterfly Bracelet). To those who don’t know the story, it can seem a strange eclectic mix, prompting questions. An Opera Bracelet is the perfect opera ice breaker.

So, I encourage you to put on your bracelets this week and get to chatting with others about your passion!

National Opera Week 2015 runs October 23 through November 1.
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