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New website theme and a note to my boss...

Hooray! After many months the new website is finished.

If you’ve never done a project like this, this is how it goes:

You buy a juicy, glossy, yummy, just gorgeous new website theme. You are sure this thing is going transform your life and business. The theory is, you install it and it lays perfectly over all of your existing content (photos and text) making everything look AMAZING!

Here’s the reality. No one has tested the darn thing and you go round the bush with the web provider and the theme creator trying to figure out what to do. Naturally the fix requires that you yourself make adjustments to every single product and page multiple times.

Click this. Enter. Tweak that. Enter. Refresh. Click. Recycle. Type. Tap. Adjust. Delete. Type. Tap. Enter. Refresh. Etc., etc., etc.

So, it all got me thinking about when I worked at a travel agency many years ago.

The airline provided the software used to book flights in those days. I don’t know how it works now. But this airline gave us only so many “enters” on all our keyboards a month and wanted to charge the agency for every time we clicked enter over that number.

Huh? What? What the? Do you want us to sell your product or not?

The amount of stress that was created by this between agents and management was unendurable.

To make things worse a quality control system that checked reservations for accuracy and client preferences ate up a ton of enters all by itself.

Oh well, let’s just not have any quality control then shall we?

An impossible situation.

So to my old boss who was understandable the most rattled by the situation I say “I sure as heck hope that that is not still happening because that is ridiculous!! And … by the way. Thanks for laying me off because I did not know how wonderful and rewarding life could become. Hope things are great at your end!”

And thanks so much to you, my tribe, for making it so rewarding to make something with my own hands which means so much to you!

If you are working on a big project hang in there- it’s going to be great!