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Opera in the Time of Pandemic

The Met has cancelled all events for a few weeks. European opera houses cancelled everything last week and even big sporting events are being affected...

Looks like the wise advice is to just stay home, call it self-isolation or quarantine. Avoid getting within 6 feet of people and all that.

But unlike other periods in history we are blessed to have so much available at our fingertips right in hour homes. So get comfy... keep up on liquids (water, tea, champagne?) and dive into some opera!

  • Opera on Video provides hours of opera to us for free. You can enjoy full operas, search by aria to see different performers interpret a piece or search by artist to become a new super fan of someone you may have never heard of. This site is fun fun fun to explore. Educational and entertaining.

  • Opera Vision –Again- it’s Free – A ton of contemporary and classic opera to explore on this site! Discover an old favorite or something rare of modern you haven’t seen before.
  • YouTube -You name it, you’ll find it on YouTube be it full operas or shorter clips. You’ll even see old broadcasts from television. For a break from singing look up your favorite opera or singer with the search term “documentary” or “interview” to find a whole other category of offerings!
  • Opera America- Streaming opera from around the country
  • The Met Opera - will be offering  streaming of past Live in HD broadcasts each night at 7:30 PM!

So keep healthy, hang in there and have some opera!