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Overcoming fear opera style

Got fear?

Last week I became very exasperated listening to budding entrepreneurs (of many different ages) getting caught up in their fears and doubts. It was in an online business  group that attracted many people who were on the brink of beginning their businesses.

The theme of fear was coming up too often for my patience. The whining and wringing of hands: “but I’m scared”; “I doubt myself”; “how do I get past my fear?” I wasn't thinking that they shouldn’t have these emotions, but  I was frustrated by their assumption that anyone who accomplishes anything has no fears!

This isn’t true. The people who accomplish things had fear and did the thing anyway. They “did it scared” as they say. You “get past it” by actions; you just – to borrow a phrase “do it”. Or my own personal favorite - "just ignore it"

And, for goodness sake, you don’t have to build a business in a second, with the fear of cliff jumping; you can do it bit by bit. In steps, in stages.

Fear in Opera

It got me thinking about the idea of fear and how opera characters show us how to handle it.

Micaela (Carmen) - she has a whole aria about how darn scared she is but she does not let that stop her one bit!

Siegfried - he is the “one born without fear”. By destiny, only he can fix the sword, a dragon is no biggie, even Wotan is no biggie. It’s Brunnhilde that scares him but he doesn’t cower even when it looks like she is going to reject him and natch, for better, for worse, he gets the girl. (Because of course, people like brave- there's a message there budding entrepreneurs!)

Violetta (La Traviata) - She is afraid of love, of really connecting with someone. That’s what Sempre Libera is about; it is covering her very real fear of what she is beginning to feel. By act two she has leaped through that fear, she “Got past it” . Did she make the right decision? I’m not even sure.

What other great examples of overcoming fear in opera are there? Email - If I get enough suggestions  may do a second blog or just add to this one!