Remembering the Moment

Remembering the Moment

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 06 10 2016

Sometimes when you’re involved with a big project, it’s good to go back and remember why the heck you’re doing this in the first place.

I’m working on something important, what they call a "sales page" for the Opera Bracelets website. It’s a way to really welcome new people to what Opera Bracelets are and why they should care. What can this jewelry do for them?

Coming up with solid answers to what may seem to be ethereal questions, requires some reflection. What was the beginning? How did I get here?

I can tell you precisely that on February 15, 2008, I found nothing in the gift shop to evoke the amazing performance I had experienced. It was James Morris singing Wotan that day- enthralling. About a year later, on a snowy Sunday, I cobbled together the first bracelet to fill the need to stay connected to that experience… to remember the moment…

This was recorded some years before that Saturday performance but you get the idea!

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