Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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Rewarding customer loyalty...

The opera journey is beautiful, mysterious and unpredictable. One may know nothing about an opera one year or even completely not care for a piece and then fall madly in love with it in an instant.

As a result, while you may have no interest in a Pearl Fishers or Barcarolle Bracelet one year, suddenly (or in 5 years’ time) it becomes a must have.

As a reward for this opera journey of love and passion, we have instituted a customer loyalty bonus.

  • If you have an account and have placed an order previously, you will receive 10% off all future orders. YOU MUST be signed into your account during checkout for the discount to activate.
  • If you have an account and have not purchased yet, you will receive 10% off from your second order forward. YOU MUST be signed into your account during checkout for the discount to activate.
  • If you have no account but have purchased in the past:

FIRST– make an account - Click right here to do so.
Then contact me - cindy@operabracelets.com -when you are ready for your 2nd purchase to manually receive the discount code.
(I will be able to look up your prior order to confirm you have purchased before but it’s out of the scope of the programing that handles the discount- ahhhh technology)

It is my pleasure to offer this bonus to passionate, fun-loving opera fans who also love Opera Bracelets!

By the way, the discount will activate even if you are using another coupon code!

Let’s celebrate with a beloved YouTube clip of the Three Tenors!