Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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Taking time for tea

As you visit the website or read my content you may notice a lot of tea related imagery.

You’re probably thinking “what’s with the tea cups?”

Well, there are a number of reasons for this:

  • 1.  I spent some time in London for college and developed a lifelong tea passion; it’s very much an engrained part of my personality. I’ve received many beautiful teacups as gifts over the years. They are so pretty it seemed natural to use them in some of my business photos!
  • 2.  I’ve noticed that sometimes people don’t “get” what Opera Bracelets are right away. They need to really stop and sit down and take a minute to read and understand about how the bracelets tell the story or parts of the story of a piece. In a world where they say advertisers have 7-9 seconds to capture people’s attention, I use the concept of the cup of tea to signify taking a moment to really absorb what the product means and how it relates to the opera or piece they are interested in. Hopefully this is not asking too much- after all we are special, we are opera fans, not on the same 7-9 second attention span as everyone else!
  • 3.  An online business is a marvelous thing. I bring my product to so many more people in the world than I could reach with a real in-person boutique. But obviously it doesn’t let me welcome and thank customers for coming in with a cup of tea in the same way as I would in a “brick and mortar” store. So, every package that goes out contains a teabag and small treat to encourage customers to spend a moment enjoying their new jewelry, anticipating or recalling the opera it represents and generally sharing the opera journey together with me, virtually, in a way.

Hope this helps explain the use of tea imagery which has grown connected to Opera Bracelets over the years. It’s a person to person connection in a business structure that is more generally made of electronic blips zipping around.

Put the kettle on, friend... let’s have some tea.