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The Big Time!

This one time...

We were featured on NPR and didn't even know it!

On an odd day in December, early into my business journey, we noticed a lot of traffic coming to our Tosca Opera Bracelet page. Not exactly a hot Christmas item, so what could be happening?

Andrew (my husband) did some internet sleuthing and discovered that we had been featured on a blog associated with NPR's website: Deceptive Cadence. This is where the traffic was originating from!

Now for a little two year old opera jewelry company NPR was the ultimate, THE BIG TIME! Most opera stations in the US are NPR stations or related to one! This audience was bound to like our products!

Unfortunately (or not), the article was "Gifts not to Buy for the Classical Fans in Your Life".

Nevertheless, we sold Tosca Bracelets for sure and had many residual sales from getting in front of the NPR audience. I sent thank you notes to the author. It was that much of a boost for us!

I'm happy to report that I recently reviewed that blog and we are the only still functioning link on the list... Click to check it out!

Sorry Anastasia, for many people we are on the "Gifts TO Buy" list and we are so grateful to every one of them!