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The Story of the "Overture by BYoonique" Bracelet

Violin detail

A few months ago, Met Orchestra violinist Yoon Kwon approached me about collaborating together on a special bracelet design! Yoon wanted to develop a bracelet that would celebrate her Met Orchestra colleagues as well as promote her music, fashion and beauty brand: BYoonique.

I was delighted to learn about the Met Orchestra Musicians with whom Yoon performs. In addition, I discovered Yoon’s own fabulous website ( where she discusses music, fashion, beauty, along with her travels and adventures.  Click here to read about Yoon's perspective and thoughts behind the Overture bracelet.

As a solopreneur working mainly alone all day, it’s awesome to have someone with whom to share ideas. Yoon had unique, creative ideas that I wouldn't necessarily have come up with on my ownBling detail. She really wanted to see some sparkle incorporated into the design, which led me to experiment with rhinestone beads that I might never really have explored without her suggestions.

In the end, we settled on a black and white theme, which evoked the colors of the orchestra playing in full dress. Keeping the colors simple really allowed the crystal and rhinestone elements to shine!

We considered many different charms for the bracelet and made some musically inspired choices. While a violin was going to be very important to Yoon as a violinist, she had a brilliant idea: Why not give people a choice of instrument to feature on the bracelet!? I would never have attempted to offer that extra customization without her encouragement.

So what does the final design look like? Come and see! Click to see the Overture by BYoonique Bracelet!


Who is Yoon Kwon? What is BYoonique?

Yoon is prolific across social media, but if I had to pick one place to start connecting with Yoon, I would choose her YouTube channel: BYoonique. There are many fantastic videos of Yoon performing and great clips of what it’s like for her behind the scenes too. In addition, you can experience her passion for beauty and fashion through her detailed reviews of various products and services. Yoon is fantastic at really letting you into her life and experience! To put it simply, you will LOVE getting to know her, both as a person and an artist. Start by checking out her website