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Yoon's Perspective - The Overture Bracelet by BYoonique

Guest blog from Yoon Kwon: Overture bracelet co-designer, Met Orchestra violinist and owner of BYoonique!

Original blog post from September 3, 2015:

To purchase Overture by BYoonique: click here!

Yoon Kwon models the Overture Bracelet

Isn’t the first day of school the best? The excitement of a new beginning, the anticipation of reuniting with your friends and making new ones, the butterflies in your stomach, wondering what this year has in store. I used to be anxious about the unknown but now I welcome the mystery, the surprise, even the obstacles, because they make for a more colorful life.

Today was my first day back at work at The Metropolitan Opera. Funny to use the word, work… How is making music with the greatest orchestra in the world, work? I never forget how lucky I am to call this my job. My summer was full with chamber music, solo performances, and collaborations with many amazing artists in various parts of the world, but I missed playing opera at “home”! There is nothing quite like opera. It is a spectacular synergy of voice, drama, dance, theatre, scene design, costume, lighting, and of course, my passion, the music and the incredible musicians who breathe life into it every night.

A night at the opera at the Met is truly an enchanting experience. Greeted by a boisterous ovation from the iconic Lincoln Center fountain, you pirouette through the revolving doors and walk the red carpet blinded by dazzling Swarovski crystal chandeliers and murals of Chagalls. The ceiling is made of 23-karat gold leaves. You are undoubtedly in for a magical evening. The majestic bells ring to announce that the time is near. The impeccable dressed sip their last bubble of champagne and take their seats on the ruby red velvet thrones. The center chandelier rises to meet the gold sky and the lights dim.

Only a select few have a view of both the stage and the orchestra pit, but everyone eagerly awaits the “A” from the principle oboe. The glorious sound of the great orchestra fills the 3800-seat auditorium. Tonight’s opera is Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser, which opens with the famous Overture. This magnificent 15-minute masterpiece, often played separately in a symphony concert, takes you on a powerful emotional journey that equals the entire 4-hour long opera.

I hold a special place in my heart for overtures: Tristan and Isolde, The Marriage of Figaro, Nabucco, Fidelio, Parsifal and the list goes on. An overture needs nothing but the orchestra to transport you to tell the story. This is what inspired the “Overture” bracelet. It celebrates my musical family, friends, colleagues and above all, great artists, who are rarely in the spotlight but at the heart of every opera.       

I discovered Opera Bracelets online and I immediately fell in love. The owner and designer Cindy’s creativity and story resonated with me and I knew this collaboration would be a great way to bring together my two passions, fashion and music. We instantly hit it off and a couple of months later, Overture by BYoonique was born. I love how it turned out! It adds elegance and glamour to any outfit. I can’t stop wearing it! It’s fully customizable, so if you are not a violin-lover (although how can you not be!!?), you have a choice of 10 instruments! 

To purchase Overture by BYoonique, click here!