The Buttercup Bracelet

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Part of the "Inspired By…" series of bracelets, the Buttercup Bracelet is inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan's comical operetta HMS Pinafore. Buttercup longs for a love she cannot have but to win him she must confess to a terrible mistake in her youth which will set everyone on the course to true love.

Rosy pink beads accented with ruby red beads evoke the sailors description of Buttercup: "the rosiest, the roundest, and the reddest beauty in all Spithead." Glass "buttercup" flower beads represent her name while glass hearts symbolize the desire for love driving the plot of the operetta. The heart shaped lock and key and baby feet charms indicate Buttercup's secret that will be the key to everyone's happiness. An anchor represents her role as a bumboat woman selling supplies to the men of the navy while they are at anchor.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.

The Buttercup bracelet

Written by Suzanne Mencer on 02 24 2021

Perfectly lovely and very feminine. I'm going to have trouble NOT giving this to my 11 year old granddaughter! Pairs well with Belle's Destiny - I like having compatible or complementary colors on each wrist.

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