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A few years ago, in an interview, I heard mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick speaking about the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices - IYDV. I was inspired by their mission to train young dramatic singers and help them reach the world stage.

Admittance to the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices is based solely on merit and musical potential – regardless of ability to pay. Contributions from sponsors, donors, and foundations allow these singers to experience training with leading coaches and voice teachers.

I was blessed to be able to help contribute to opera's future by donating a portion of the revenue from all Opera Bracelets' purchases in November and December of 2017-2023 to the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices! These donations amounting to over $3500 helped guarantee that the world's stage will be blessed with great dramatic voices in the years to come.

To continue to support and encourage opera education for our young and upcoming singers, Opera Bracelets will once again be donating a portion of all purchases in November and December of 2024 to IYDV!  We humbly ask that you consider this musical philanthropy while shopping with us this Christmas season.  With your help, let's break the record for IYDV donations this Christmas season!

"I’ve attended IYDV for the past 4 summers, and it’s been such a treat to work with Dolora all these years. She truly is uniquely talented, and such a joy to spend time with. She knows SO many interesting facts! Thank you for donating to this program, it has helped me and so many other young singers!"- Katie

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