null Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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What is romance anyway?

What is romance anyway? From the romantic era in the arts thru to today’s romance novel genre, it’s clear the definition is somewhat dependent upon the definer. During this Valentine’s week, I just wanted to encourage you to really embrace the spirit of romance.

But what is it? Bubbly and berries? Red roses? When I really thought about it, what romance came right down to was time: taking the time and slowing down.

So this week, take time to be good to yourself (whether “you” are an individual or a couple doesn’t matter for this). It may initially sound selfish but in reflection it is not. You can only have the energy to send your love for others out into the world if you recharge and take care of yourself. So lower those lights… you’ll instantly be more relaxed. Don’t wait, buy those flowers… the whole atmosphere of your home will change. Indulge-after all they say dark chocolate is good for you anyway.

And most definitely take some time to listen to your favorite opera arias. It’s easy for me to be busy-busy… then by chance I’ll hit a romantic aria like “E lucevan le stelle” (Click to see the E Lucevan Le Stelle Bracelet) between operas on Met Opera Radio and the magic will hit me… It’d be easy to change the channel back to the news or Dr. Laura but sometimes you gotta take the time…