The La Boheme Opera Bracelet

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The La Boheme Bracelets tells the story of the opera through symbolic beads and charms. This piece makes a perfect gift for opera lovers.

La Boheme is often called the world’s favorite opera. A classic story about the freedom of being young and passionate; incorporating the magic of love at first sight. The simple plot devices are part of its enduring and unending charm as a love story is born with a blown out candle and lost key and a lost love is reborn due to a mis-fitting shoe. These everyday touches reach into our hearts as the tale reveals that love is not always so simple and life is so much shorter than we know.This was one of the first bracelets I designed, it was a beautiful journey, exploring the libretto and choosing beads to represent the characters and events of the plot.

"Oh my!!! My LaBoheme bracelet arrived today and it is beyond expectations. Its beautiful. In October of last year I performed in LaBoheme with my community choir ( Voices of the Mountains) and Opera Ithaca.  I played the hat vendor that Rodolfo bought the hat from. It's an experience I will carry for the rest of my life. Thank you for bringing the magic of LaBoheme in a bracelet to tell the story." - Andrea

Each bead and charm of the La Boheme Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Puccini's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • A snowflake charm, crystals, pearlescent, star shaped and opalescent beads evoke the beauty of Christmas Eve in Paris, emphasized by runs of green and red seed beads.
  • I chose four round beads in different colors to represent the four bohemians. A wine bottle charm indicates their antics getting the landlord drunk when he comes to demand the rent.
  • Fragile Mimi, who embroiders flowers for a living, is symbolized by a pink glass flower.  A key charm is the moment she and Rodolfo come together searching for her key in the darkness.
  • The blossoming of love in the moonlight is symbolized by cobalt blue crystals leading to an opalescent moon bead and large flowered heart bead.
  • An iridescent crystal bead indicates the flirtatious Musetta; a shoe charm evokes her strategy to ditch her old lover and reunite with Marcello. A green heart symbolizes Marcello’s jealousy when he sees Musetta with another man.
  • A gold bead is Alcindoro, Musetta’s rich elderly lover; gold discs or “coins” symbolize the large café bill the Bohemians leave him with.
  • In Act 3, green beads indicate jealousy and red hearts are love. Mimi and Rodolfo initially make plans to break up but then decide to remain together until spring. Their duet is indicated with a flowered bead.
  • A black bead symbolizes Mimi’s illness: tiny when she first appears and larger and larger to the end.  Tiny “earrings” indicate Musetta’s plan to sell her jewels to buy Mimi medicine.
  • A cross bead represents Musetta’s prayer for the angelic Mimi when we lose all hope (and reach for the tissues). An angel wing charm symbolizes her death.


La Boheme Opera Bracelet

Written by Ruby T on 05 27 2023

Absolutely LOVED everything about this gift! I was looking for a great quality, unique, & meaningful graduation gift for a close friend who just graduated college as a music major. She sings opera and was just so stunned with this gift. She said it was so meaningful and loved that it came from a small business! I was so pleased my friend thought the same as i did of the gift. It is Amazing quality, Meaningful , & Unique. That’s exactly what i was looking for! Cindy even made sure to make the gift extra special without me requesting. Thank you so much Opera Bracelets. I look forward to seeing your future designs. Also, customer service is friendly and they respond fast. I had an issue with my billing address and they corrected it literally the same day. Definitely would highly recommend!!! 10/10 amazing!!!

La Boheme bracelet

Written by Clare Cohen on 08 04 2022

Grew up listening to Boheme. The bracelet hits the essence of La Boheme. Between the color choice, beads and charms, you nailed it

La Bohème Bracelet

Written by Shannon on 12 09 2019

As always Cindy has sent a gorgeous product, full of symbols of the timeless story we love. Her jewelry is of such fine quality and workmanship. This is a perfect memento for my daughter of the performance we enjoyed in Santa Fe last summer.

La Boheme bracelet

Written by Ann McKennis on 06 07 2017

Always a fan of this beautiful opera, the bracelet captures the moments and characters perfectly. It's a wonderful company to do business with!

Delightful gift for an operaphile!

Written by on 05 10 2017

It was a pleasure to pair this bracelet with a DVD as a special gift for my sister. Her delight was heartwarming.

Another Winner!

Written by Janet on 01 15 2017

love the colors and the story

An Elegant Bracelet of Puccini's famous opera

Written by Madame Parisianne Modert on 05 19 2013

This bracelet has such amazing and elegant detail with a delicate beauty which conveys La Boheme faithfully. The package and inner notes are magnificant as well. The research into, the production of and presentation are pure artisan at a very affordable price. Thank you Cindy.

So lovely! So well crafted!

Written by Tampa Claire on 01 07 2013

I received this bracelet for Christmas, and I've worn it already 4 times. I love it so much - it's pretty and elegant - but it also tells the story of the opera. I have thoroughly enjoyed showing it to people and explaining the meaning of each bead. This is so clever and smart and creative. I'll definitely be buying more! Really just a perfect gift for an opera lover.


Written by New found Love on 12 10 2012

For never ordering anything like this I am truly impressed!!

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