Your Opera New Year's Resolution

Your Opera New Year's Resolution

Posted by Cindy Battisti on 12 30 2023

New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be a drudge that you know you are going to fail at.

Instead, they can be fun!

Let's make Opera New Year’s Resolutions – operas, genres or composers we want to experience or learn more about in the upcoming year. I bet you have an idea already that's been in the back of your mind! But, if not, here are some examples: 

  • Explore Baroque or Bel Canto Operas
  • Learn about different vocal types
  • Delve into Wagner’s Ring
  • Focus on an individual composer you want to know more about from Handel to Glass.

Clearly you want to watch and listen to operas, but you can also include articles, biographies, history and culture of an era, etc.

Make this your ______ Year!

Whatever operas or artists you decide upon for your Opera New Years Resolution, you can find what you need on Opera on Video as a starting point!

Happy Opera New Year to all!


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