Massenet's opera Cendrillon is based on the beloved story of Cinderella! The libretto calls this work a fairy-tale "to escape from dark realities" and to believe in the "fabulous". The tale of bad step-families, Fairy Godmothers and glass slippers is timeless. Creating this bracelet with all its magical touches was a true pleasure and I hope you will enjoy it!

Click the pictures below to see more details about the bracelets in the Cendrillon collection!

  • The Cendrillon Opera Bracelet tells the story of the opera from beginning to end with beads and charms.
  • The Fairy Magic "Inspired by..." bracelet is inspired by the beautiful meeting of the Prince and Lucette in the Fairy's realm.
  • Cinderella's Bracelet represents Cinderella's journey. Her good heart leads her to the love of her prince and her destiny as a princess.
  • The Cendrillon Gift Set offers all 3 bracelets at a 20% discount over purchasing them separately.